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RIP Reiner Schwarz, Canadian media pioneer.

Sad news from the world of Canadian broadcasting, Reiner Schwarz, a true innovator of radio, TV and multimedia, has passed.

We who knew his work, as listeners and viewers, mourn a great music and media pioneer of Canada if not the world. Reiner made so much groundbreaking TV (in addition to his radio work) and influenced the way I think about understanding and contextualizing popular and obscure music.

As a teenager, me and my buddies Dan Derbridge and Michael Wojewoda used to listen to him on Chum FM, and watch his wild Toronto area cable TV show Nightmusic. Weekly, Schwarz would expanded our minds with his eclectic programming and his guests like Nash The Slash and Frank Zappa.

Schwarz was a Toronto FM legends, along with David Marsden, and David Pritchard.

These guys shaped our minds.

As my friend Dan just shared on Facebook page: “[They] were part of my FM radio DNA when I was growing up in the 1970’s of Toronto,” Derbridge writes, “RIP Reiner and I hope you subvert the FM radio dials of the cosmos.”

We lost Pritchard a few years ago to cancer, but Marsden remains active in broadcasting, posting on his Facebook page today of his colleague’s passing.

"Reiner Shwarz put on his wings today," wrote Marsden, "surrounded by family and close friends."

"We were colleagues and I had a lot of respect for him. Oddly - over the years we seemed to follow one another from station to station."

"Reiner was on-air at CHUM-FM during it’s 70s heyday. He was with CFNY after I left. He alsohosted talk shows on Energy 108 and TALK640, music shows on JAZZ FM and CIUT. He also featured on the television show "Liberty Street."

We spoke occasionally over the past few years and I was aware he was having difficulty with his health. Good Night Dear Reiner!”

Good night and thank you Reiner W Schwarz, the nightmusic is a little sadder tonight.


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  • Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder
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